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Dec 12


If you’re a part of a Queer advocacy organization whose membership includes both Queer people and allies, and your primary focus is on the opinions, thoughts and well-being of your allies then you have completely failed at your mission to create a truly safe space for Queer people and have become apart of the exact system you’re trying to fight against.

Allies have safe spaces, they’re called every other space that isn’t specifically designated for Queer people.

i need to print this out and hand it to my schools qpoc group

Oct 25
Film: Tan De Repente (Suddenly)
just finished watching it this morning and i loved it

Film: Tan De Repente (Suddenly)

just finished watching it this morning and i loved it

Oct 22

StudvilleTV Episode 1- In the Beginning

Oct 15


Being Queer Does Not Make You Radical

Sep 9


Seeking Asylum

Skye Tenevimbo

Skye Tenevimbo talks about growing up as a lesbian in Zimbabwe and her decision to seek asylum in the UK. To watch more stories visit www.noneonrecord.com.

hey guyss

check out me and @lesiliva’s new blog for queer africans of the diaspora. & submit :)

Jul 29

i will never become accustomed to the numerous and always untimely homophobic comments that spill out the mouths of ignorant folk. some of which i have to live with, work with, go to school with… some whom i’ve called friends in the past. it will never be ok. and i will always be the one left hurting. it sucks to have to constantly make the choice between educating someone and losing something else. either way i seem to lose. 


but what really bothers me is knowing that even in my suffering i am not even close to having it the worst. that i am quite lucky to have only had to endure hateful words… be it from friends, family, or whatever. this is why we really need to support each other. and why its so important that when i have the opportunity i say something. it’s almost always worth the risk for me.

Jul 23

patience with what is, nu especially.

what’s it been? just one day since i decided to finally take a risk and reach out into this unknown world of lesbianism. ok, so this isn’t exactly the beginning. but since then i’ve had to step out of my comfort zone time and time again. and whenever i remove another layer of my outer self i feel so naked… so vulnerable. and in this state i’m forced to acknowledge any lingering insecurities. i guess i’ll just have to take things a day at a time. and have more patience. look at how long the world has been waiting on me (us). i think i can wait things out for at least a few more weeks before deciding that they are hopeless. & they never do stay that way anyways, do they?

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